Web Series Trailer of Your Dreams

Web Series Trailer of Your Dreams

This is a pairs production. Two people working together to produce one project. You may use as many people as possible as actors–and these actors will receive credit as Production Crew Extra Credit, but only two people will receive credit per triler.

The Challenge: Conceptualize a hypothetical web series and create a trailer to get your potential future viewers pumped up to watch!

1. Write a script and/or make a shot list! This will be hugely helpful in choosing the precise scenes you want to include in your trailer. Please include your script and shotlist in your description.
2. Vary your costumes! The point of a trailer is basically to combine lots of different smaller scenes from the entire series. It only makes sense that your characters would be wearing different outfits in these different scenes.
3. Vary your locations as much as possible! Make sure not every scene happens in front of the same background.

4. Remember, a web series trailer usually happens AFTR production of the series, so you have to imagine deeply into the future of your series to show scenes that may appear later in the season.

5. Consider using trailer templates in the edit.


The Rules:

+ Create a fun and engaging trailer for a hypothetical web series.

+ 3-minute maximum length.

+Due Sunday 2.5.17 at 11:59 pm



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