The Long Portrait

Long Portraits

+ Film a long portrait in a single shot with no camera movement, at any length you’d like.
+ If you add music, make sure you use a song you or a buddy created, or something from theVimeo Music Store!

With such a simple concept, there’s plenty of room for artistic decisions, like:

The placement and framing of your subject can make your portrait seem especially intimate, or constructed and formal. Since the camera isn’t moving, think about what you’d like your shot to feel like. Make sure to check out our lesson on framing and composition to learn more about different shot styles and the Rule of Thirds.

Lighting can really set the tone of your long portrait, just like in a photograph. Whether it be natural or studio lighting, soft or harsh, each setup has a specific feel (which will influence your subject as well as your viewers). Little things, like paying attention to the White Balance or adding color with gels, really affect the mood.

With the visual decisions made, think about what the ears hear while they eyes are occupied. Sound is important, and can be underrated as a filmmaking tool. Your video could be accompanied by music from the music store, or simply the ambience of the room.


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