Create a video (in one minute or under) that addresses the repetition of every day life, a completely inorganic instance, or anything in between!

Example #1: Apple, Orange, Bananna

by Andrew Norbeck

Example #2 Circuits

“I was organizing the contents of an old cabinet in the basement and got inspired by all the electrical doodads I found inside.”

Charlie Huette

Example #3 Coffee Break by Max St-Germaine


Example #4 The Meaning of Motion by E.L. Crego

Movement and sound alters the meaning.
Looped frames with looped sound.
Only one time is not enoguh.
Only the picture is not enogh.

Music: “Self Encoding Sequence” by Schemawound (
Shot and Edit: A. L. Crego (
Check here some gifs: (


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