Point of View Sports

POV Sports

Point of View (POV) is a shooting technique that shows the perspective of a scene from a character or object’s position in the setting, whether it’s seeing the world through someone’s eyes or experiencing the action of orbiting a person as a jumprope.

When you’re involved in the scene, the act of watching becomes more immersive than if you were watching everything as a bystander. The most common use of this technique is the “Leading Actor POV,” where the audience experiences everything through the subject’s eyes. Action cams work especially well for this, but you don’t need one. You do need a way to safely mount your camera.

But POV isn’t limited to views from the actor’s head. Think up some unique shots that really enhance the story you’re trying to tell. Perhaps you’re experiencing the world as a soaring bass guitar, or a delighted pup!

Reading Takes You Places from Rose Loprinzo on Vimeo.
BBall POV from Squared Films on Vimeo.
Tough Mudder – Man Up from Alicia Millane on Vimeo.
POV-Frisbee from Shawn on Vimeo.
Good with your hands from Mallory McMahon on Vimeo.
Fast & Furious…Mini from Victor Cruz on Vimeo.

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