Lets Get Political!

Contest #2: Lets Get Political

This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment. Due Sunday 1.29.17 at 11:59pm.

This week is inauguration week, which means our country has a new government. This is a historic moment filled with contrary emotions, celebrations, and protests. You are a community journalist with a smartphone. Tell us an authentic or satiric or comedic or a fake news story that captures this moment in a complete news package.

A complete news package includes:

  1. B-roll – video clips illustrating the story, edited in sequences to give the viewer an accurate picture of what’s happening.

2.  Reporter track – your voice as the reporter, narrating the b-roll. If you want to compare it to a newspaper article, it’s everything that’s not the quotes.

3.  Soundbites – You will be interviewing several people for every package, but you’re not going to use their entire conversation. Chop the interview into short, meaningful soundbites.

4.  Natural sound – the ambient noise in an area lets the story breathe, and nat pops (short bursts of natural sound) can jump out to the viewer and grab their attention.

5.  Stand ups – The reporter on camera, demonstrating or showing something. Don’t use it for face time, use it as a way to illustrate the story. Use props or set the camera at unique angles to show something.

6. Include an intro with music and graphics.

The winning video tells the most compelling story using all or most of the elements listed above in three minutes or less. Technical elements may be reedited for a higher grade. Boring stories or incomplete stories that cannot be fixed by an edit may receive a lower grade. Makes sure you include credits that thank helpers and interviewees with complete names in the video description. 



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