Focus on Food

Cook Up A Recipe (Focus on the food!)

Instead of hosting your own cooking show, tell the story of the food itself. Consider the attached inspirations.

Here’s a list of suggestions to get you going:

1. Pick a recipe
What recipe do you want to share with the world? Pick one! As long as it’s delicious, you’re golden.

2. Choose a location
You don’t necessarily have to shoot in a kitchen. Find a place that compliments your ingredients with lots of natural light, or set up a simple studio with ample indoor lighting!

3. Prepare your ingredients and tools
Before you shoot, make sure you’ve got all the necessary ingredients measured out and tools prepared.

4. Prepare your equipment
Think about the lenses you’re going to use, and something to keep you steady!

5. Shoot everything
Cooking moves fast, and once a moment has passed it’s hard to go back, so make sure you capture it all. If the recipe allows for it, make the food twice and focus on different views each time!

6. Vary your shots
Editing is easier when you have lots to work with. Vimeo’s lesson on Varying your Shots will help you avoid staying in the same place for too long!

7. Edit it down
Lay out your clips in sequential order, make sure you’ve told the entire story, then, start cutting away at it.

8. Add text or voice over
Titles or voice over can add a useful instructional element to your video, and you may want to add those important measurements and instructions.

9. Mix in some music
Music can go a long way in carrying your piece. Find a song in Vimeo Music Store and add it into the mix!

Make sure to check out the lesson for a deeper look at how a recipe video comes together!

+ Create a recipe video!
+ Keep it under 3 minutes.

El Bean Bowl from Dorian Warneck on Vimeo.
KIM CHI made E-Z from Bus Huxley on Vimeo.
¡P is for Paella! from James Bernal on Vimeo.
Rainy Day Chocolate Banana Bread from NoFilm Photography on Vimeo.
beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

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