Complete News Package

A Complete NEWS package

You now should have a fundamental grasp of the elements necessary to produce a visual story. You should have brainstormed for ideas over the past few weeks and have at least two good story ideas.

You will work as a two or three person team, taking on the following roles:



If a third person is on the team, that member will be the assistant camerman or sound engineer and main editor.


  • Produce a complete package–a story with narration, interviews, some natural sound, an on-camera segment, and well composed visuals.
  • More than one minute, less than three minutes.


  • Pitch your idea using the template. Remember to include your ideas about the four “P”s–People, Places, Plot and Purpose.
  • Identify at least two potential interview subjects.
  • Shoot your Interview
  • Transcribe interviews. Write script using two column format.
    • Natural sound draws the audience in and makes the story more real.
    • Narration provides information and can used as a transition between interviews and natural sound.
    • Interviews can explain a process or give information or express a strong emotion.
    • The On-Camera segment should be visually interesting. Have a visual element in the background or demonstrate something.
  • Create a shotlist or sketch a storyboard of desired b-roll footage.
  • Shoot b-roll footage.
  • Edit.
  • Create video, turn in (Include script, shotlist, appreciation, title, other credits and appreciations in the notes).




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