5 Second Film

5-Second Video

Let’s see how much story you can tell in just 5 seconds! The format plays nice with humor, but these micro-films could be dramatic, spooky, romantic, or kooky. It’s up to you.


The Rules:

+ Create a 5 second long super-short film (with allowances for a 2-second intro and a 1-second outro).

Disposed (5 Second Film) from Chris Smith on Vimeo.
5 Second Film – Skateboarding from Niles Harrison on Vimeo.
Guest from Christopher Winterbauer on Vimeo.
Lunch Time. A 5 second film. from nathan kress on Vimeo.
Make Like a Tree and Leaf – A 5 Second Film for Vimeo Weekend Project from Andrew Winchell on Vimeo.

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