Completing the Character Sketch: Header and Works Cited MLA 8 Assignment

Completing the Character Sketch: Header and Works Cited MLA 8 Assignment

Now that you’ve done the hard part–imagined, developed and created a story in another time and place, let’s finish the assignment  by formatting the piece using the MLA Stylebook 8th Edition.  This is a separate assignment and is worth 100 points formative. Please complete the assignment by Friday 9.23.16.

What is MLA (Modern Language Association) Style:

  • MLA provides standard rules to follow so that most research papers are formatted in a similar manner. This makes it easier for readers to comprehend the information.
  • MLA’s citation and bibliographic standards allow readers to easily comprehend the different parts of a citation for referencing purposes.

For this assignment, you will create a header and a Works Cited Page for your story

Header Example

Study this example to see how to complete your Works Cited page.

How to format your Works Cited page

This is what you do when you are missing information that you need to cite

The Fundamentals  of MLA 8

Complete Guide to MLA

Works Cited

Complete Directions:

  1. Format your post’s header so that it conforms with  MLA rules.
  2. Complete a Works Cited page for your story. Please include all the sources that you consulted during your research. Make sure you include your picture.

3..  Copy and paste to the bottom of your story post by Friday 9.23.16

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