Grading Policy

Grading Policy:

It’s a point system that uses three categories:

Category #1: Formative Assessment: Students learn how to do stuff: 15% of total grade.

Category #2: Summative Assessment: Students demonstrate what they have learned: 70% of total grade

Category #3: Participation: Students contribute to the larger class conversation with sincere energy and effort: 15% of total grade.

90-100% =A

80-89.99% =B

70-79.99% =C

60-69.99% =D

59.99% =F

I do not round up or round down.

I reserve the right to drop assignments or multiply the weight of any assignment for any reason.

Late Work:

Late work automatically loses two grades. Late work must be turned in within grading cycle (4.5 weeks) or it will not be accepted.


Extra-credit is graded on a class curve. The student who earns the most extra credit in the class receives a 6% bonus to their grade. All other students receive a percentage of that student’s bonus based on their earned Extra-credit. For example, if Student A earns the most EC in the class, say 100 points, he receives a 6% bonus to her grade. If Student B then earns 50 points, she will earn a 3% bonus. Student C earns 25 points, she receives a 1.5% bonus…etc. Students have limitless opportunities to earn EC and track their own progress using an Extra-Credit log. Incomplete logs (without descriptions, dates and point totals) receive zero credit.

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