Lesson: Interviewing

Interviewing is a core skill that takes preparation and practice so we will spend some time studying the right and wrong way to interview here. Attached is a summary of my best interview tips (collected from Mitch Joel). Please conduct all interviews with these tips in mind.


Please do not walk into an interview unprepared. Make appointments, find a quiet place and have a conversation.



Listen to Anna Sales (Death, Sex and Money) give one amazing insight after another about how to interview: (57 minutes but worth it!)

Or listen to a few great classic interviews by Ira Glass:

Great basic interview: Babysitting (25 minutes)


Interviews interspersed with natural sound, lots of narration and reflection:

Notes on Camp (7 minutes)

Harper High (14 minutes)

1. Watch this video that teaches you how to use natural light from a window and a bounceboard to light an interview subject.

Interview – Natural Light from Blind Spot on Vimeo.

2. Watch this video that teaches how to light using a studio key light.

How To Light An Interview // A Story & Heart Academy Tutorial from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Here is a natural light example (though she has an eye-light)

The importance of storytelling to nonprofits from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

How to get better sound on your Smartphone:


A simple hack to improve your sound with a smartphone:


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