Character Sketch- Andrew Espinosa



Jordan Nguy

Mr. Bearson

English 1

August 20, 2015

                                                   Andrew the Normal or Unusual

        This student, he isn’t your average. In fact he can be seen at two completely different angles. One of the sides is a nearly perfect student and the other one being a lazy couch potato. For the student part, he completes all of his homework early and never procrastinates with small exceptions. This student also has high teamwork skills because of his participation in Rio Americano’s water polo team where he is considered a legend. However, with all this good, there must be a flaw and there is. The other angle of this student can be quite dark, especially on Friday which is his favorite day. He enjoys being on his couch in the dark watching television. After his hard work in his school’s water polo team, he enjoys to be spectator, instead of participating in the sport of baseball. As he sits there, he enjoys vacuuming a plate of spaghetti he made himself. After, he strangely enjoys tap water over filtered as he relaxes watching his favorite youtuber, VanossGaming. Even from the two sides making him strange, he still can be a normal person. For example, he picks sides like Apple over Android and Sony over Microsoft. He enjoys relaxing and playing games like many. He favors orange or blue as his favorite color, he prefers Sierra Mist as his favorite soda and he loves his Vans and his Nikes for sports. If you think about it, this student is neither strange nor unusual, he is normal like the rest of us. This student is one I just met just earlier this week, his name is Andrew Espinosa and he is my new friend.

Character Sketch: Frankie

Jake Harouni

Mr. Bearson


20 August 2015

Character Sketch

             The day I met her, I was drawn to her calm manner. It was different and made me want to listen as she spoke with her soothing voice. As I gazed into her forrest green eyes, I noticed that she looked older than her age of 14. Perhaps it was something about her eyes, or maybe just the way she spoke. With her pearl white teeth, her smile glistened as she spoke. While she was waving her long, dark, straight hair I had noticed that she had blonde ombre towards the half closest to the tips. I could tell she played sports by her tall, strong posture while sitting at her desk. From what she had told me, I could only assume that she was an outgoing person. Not too short but not too tall, her height was perfect, and her maturity level was above the average Freshman at Rio Americano High School. Throughout our conversation, I gathered that she had the most friendly and kind character and that she was not an attention seeker. Even though I had not met her before, she spoke to me as if I have known her for years.  I just met my new friend, Frankie.IMG_0014

Character Sketch- Emma


Ashley Crum

Mr. Bearson

Honors English Period 6

August 20, 2015

One Page Character Sketch

            As we sat on the hard, cold bench, it was easy identify that her dark clothing, the ever-popular Birkenstocks sandals, and the layers of neutral colored bracelet on her wrist, all expresses her urban fashion style. It only took seven minutes to let her heart speak instead of her mind. In the hallways, all the noises were blocked out by a voice of a powerful woman. Soon to know her proudest moment will arrive in the near future as she become a successful CEO. While dazing in her light colored eyes, she showed no fear, no regrets. She knows everything will be okay. As I admired her humble personality, she sat up  straight with her head held high. Her hair is wavy brown; enhancing her tan skin… this was Emma, a  future graduate of the class of 2019.emma

Character Sketch

Natalie Clausen

Mr. Bearson

Period 4

August 19, 2015

        Character Sketch: Kinsey

We usually don’t relate people with flowers, but in this case its the only thing I can think of whenever someone says her name. She reminds me of a daisy. They are shy flowers that don’t beg for attention, but have some kind of beautiful timidity to them. As she walks out to the painted center of Rio Americano, she looks down at her black converse as a gust of air throws her brown hair back. This girl that I’m trying to show you through a flower, wears narrow, navy blue glasses and wears plain colored clothes. Her appearance may seem straightforward but deep down she is an intelligent chaos. Similar to this girl, a daisy has plain, white petals surrounding a vibrant yellow middle. She sits with green trees hovering over her, hunching over a book, her legs crossed, and hair pulled back behind her right ear. She appreciates everything. Daisies are just grateful and optimistic, I have concluded. This wallflower’s name is Kinsey.


Allison Weichert’s Character Sketch


Allison Weichert's Character Sketch of Cooper Davis
Cooper Davis

Allison Weichert

Mr. Bearson

Per. 4

August 18, 2015

Character Sketch

    After I walked into the brightly lite, chilly classroom, I sat down at a desk. In front of me was a boy who looked very kind and mature. He had dark brown hair and wore a dark blue plain t-shirt. His young eyes were focused on the teacher and so interested in the teacher. I really wanted to learn more about this boy.  As we talked, I realized that this boy has a wonderful and successful life.  He is an organized, focused, kind, and intelligent person. He prefers family over friends. I can tell this by how much he adored his now dead Great Grandfather; he wishes he could go back in time and interview him. He also seems to love his mother, father, and 11 year old sister. In his past, he went to a very nice elementary school called Del Dayo. Later he moved on and went to Arden Middle School, and currently attends Rio Americano High School.  He is very athletic in that he loves and plays baseball often, he bikes, and he skis. He is an intelligent person and hopes people remember him by that when he is long gone. Last year he stepped on to a brightly lit stage and proudly accepted many awards from his Middle School. He is not arrogant though; he is a humble, reserved, and kind person. I can see him going to a great college and having a very great life. In his future, he hopes he could go to Africa. His advice for his future generations is to care for the people that care for you. He truly has a wonderful and successful life.  This organized, focused, kind, intelligent boy is………… Cooper Davis.

Character Sketch- Alec

Xavier Montoya


English 1

August 20th, 2015





Baseball, Baseball, Baseball. That’s his favorite sport, he loves it. He has been playing baseball for 5-6 years now he started at just 10 years old, and up to 14 and he is still not done he wants to play for our school as well. The long, blonde, curly haired, giant with hazel like eyes has a favorite team as well. Don’t we all. The San Francisco Giants is the team. The lean back, outgoing kid not only likes Baseball he likes Football to, although he only played football for 1 year I guess it’s just not his passion like Baseball is. He grew up in Seattle, Washington so if you can guess his favorite Football team is the Seattle Seahawks. This fellow also likes to play video games, so do I. he has 3 favorite video games Borderlands 2, Halo, and Skyrim. This seems like he likes action packed, shooting games. Throughout his elementary/middle school life he went too two different schools. His elementary school was Hollywood Park, which happened to be right next door to my school. In middle school he attended Sutter which is a pretty good school. He told me that it was very challenging there but he got through which tells me that he is a pretty bright man. He has 3 favorite subjects in school which is, P.E, who doesn’t like P.E, anyways also Science, and History. He’s pretty bummed out that he can’t take history freshman year but I will eventually he says. These are the same ones as me, what does that mean, just kidding, it means nothing at all…. Although I said he seems like a bright guy he does have 2 least favorite subjects in school. One of which being one of my least favorite also, is English. And the last thing about this young man is that he does not like mathematics one bit.

This is Alec…..



Character Sketch – Andrew

Connor Ettinger

Mr. Bearson

Honors English

19 August 2015

We sat hunched over our desks, trying our best to pry open the other’s mind.

You can learn a lot about a person in seven minutes, thirty seconds. My interviewee wore a casual blue button up shirt, which matched the color of his braces. His braces glistened when he laughed, cheeks curling. Some days he wears a button up; some days he wears sport garb. That makes sense because he loves to golf. He began playing a year ago. His father takes him out to play sometimes. My subject eyes are a deep shade of olive. They curiously glanced around. His bangs flowed upward and his hair in the back was beginning to form a sort of mullet, which I presume will be cut in a matter of days. Or maybe he was just being adventurous with his hairstyles. His whole face looked so stress free and lively, and moved fluidly when he laughed and smiled.

If curiosity killed the cat, my subject sure isn’t a cat. Every day of his life is an adventure, waiting to be explored. His eyes darted around the room, glancing here and there, as if exploration comes naturally. He smiled like grinning is his career. Just like he smiles, he loves to laugh; that or I had something on my face. We shared a heap of laughs, about our lives, our friends, and our crazy personalities. His face would light up like the sun when he laughed, brightening those dark eyes of his.

This is Andrew. He loves to laugh, smile, golf, and, of course, explore.


Character Sketch: Monze

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Jillian Halloran

Mr. Bearson

Period 4

18 August, 2015

Character Sketch: Monze

One of her favorite things to do is play soccer. She has loved the game since we were in third grade, when we spent all of our school days together on the bright yellow benches under the big oak trees whose roots crack the asphalt. And as we grew apart and grew older in the years after, we are reintroduced as we sit just feet across from each other at small wooden desks as we try to find out as much as we can about each other. I am happy to find that she is much like I remember her from when we were nine years old, swinging in endless circles on the thick metal bars on the elementary school playground. Her hair is exactly as it was six years ago, a vivid dark color with flecks of gold that dance and twirl in the light. It lies thick and straight far down her back. She has the same shy smile that stretches twice as wide, narrowing her deep brown eyes when she laughs.

She is yet to be defeated by time. Six years and two schools later, she is still genuine and honest, careful never to hurt anyone. Change hasn’t been able to reach her, either. She is still the same girl I knew in third grade, through the changing trends, changing people, and drama. She has a simple style and her personality hasn’t changed based on what is “cool.”

This is Monze.



Logan Duffy

imageLily Bickham
Period 5
Character Sketch
Running. The absolute worst part of P.E. I mean I know its good for you but it’s not incredibly fun. “Run Days” were on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and our 8th grade P.E. teacher loved to make us run 3 miles in 35 minutes, those runs weren’t fun. Our class typically started off with her telling us what we were going to do that day. Once she told us how many miles we got to run that day I looked over to see my friend. The first thing I noticed when just looking at him on those horrible “Run Days” were his eyes, his vibrant blue-grey eyes that I could tell were filled with disgust for what was planned for us. I then noticed when looking at him was his hair his golden-blond color hair that fell onto his face and only ever covered his forehead. Those two things I always notice first. He’s always looked like this, his hair was maybe shorter from time to time but his face remained a constant comforting look.
I knew that run would suck but he helped push me through it even though I definitely didn’t want to. He always does that, he always helps whenever you need it. He is always there, he’ll go through the tough situations in life with you. Even if your toughest situation is not wanting to run three miles in P.E.
This person is Logan Duffy, the guy who is always there to help when you need it, the guy you can trust with many things. He is an avid cyclist, who loves working with and around kids. He loves band and listening to jazz. He is a great friend.

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