Period One: Honors English

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1st draft of project soapbox due tonight

2nd draft due Friday

We have an opportunity to watch Mannie on Tuesday, if you want to go.

Copy and paste first draft of speech into Google Docs. Share  with me (can edit) at

Revise as needed. Copy and paste second draft back into blog over the top of your original post (Do not make a second post).

Conversation up to page 495.


Project Soapbox: New Dates

  • Third draft of speech Monday October 31st (Formative) on blog. Categorize with period number and Project Soapbox
  • Perform speech Friday November 4th

Homework tonight: Complete student handout #2 (Evaluating speeches) on the following two speeches:

Here is an example of a bad speech.

Here is an example of a good speech.

Complete page 3 student handout: What are you most proud of in your community?

Week Three: pages 279-495 (skip pages, 279-320; 385-390; 425-451) Monday October 24th


We will look at our resources.

In an effort to catch you up to the other classes, today we will read silently for a full thirty minutes.

Then we will ask a single Level One, a Level Two and a Level Three question about our reading. Then we will discuss them.

Then we will choose a passage, write about it and discuss.




Reading: Les Mis Up to page 155 by Monday 10.10.16.

Test will be Monday 10.10.16.

Notes are optional, however, if we complete the notes as I ask we automatically receive 100 points for the Notes. If we do not do the notes, or the notes are incomplete, then we receive whatever grade we get on the test as a Notes grade.

A. List of all major characters (Including a very brief character sketch)

B. A brief plot summary

C. A complete question set: Three level One questions, three level two questions and two level three questions. These questions must be sincere.

D. Choose a passage that we want to talk about. Write a one page reflection on the passage. Focus on the language.


They must be handwritten–unless you have really bad handwriting.

Please do not copy notes from a published source.

You may use complete and sincere notes on the test.

9.29. 16




  1. Please register for our class blog: school.radiophile/wp-login.php. Do not use a SJUSD school email address. I recommend gmail.
  2. Please register here for Remind texts.
  3. Please subscribe to our Twitter page:
  4. Review my grading policy:
  5. Please get a composition book (asap) like this.
  6. Check out our reading resources to support our reading of Les Mis.

Journal 9.19.16: a) Draw from your head; b) Draw from life; c) Reflection

Three Kinds of Details

Three Question Quiz:

What is it really about?


(participation)Faceless Portrait Due 9.23.16

(Formative)Character Sketch on a Classmate  Due 9.25.16

(Summative) Place Your Subject in France Due 10.2.16


Excellent Work

another example

still another example

one more


Les Miserables Reading Schedule: TBA



Student Experiments in Multimedia Storytelling CONTACT: