Les Miserables Reading Schedule: Periods 2 and 4

Complete Les Miserables Reading Schedule With Quiz Dates.

Hand-written original notes are allowed on all tests.

Week One: pages 19-144 (skip pages 119-122) Thursday September 22nd

Week Two: pages 144-260 Monday October 3rd

Week Three: pages 260-495 (skip pages, 279-320; 385-390; 425-451) Monday October 10th

Week Four: pages 495-603 Monday October17th

Week Five: pages 603-756 (skip pages 705-739) Monday  October 24th

Week Six: pages 739-844 Monday October 31st

Week Seven: pages 844-953 Monday November 7th


For Periods 2/4

November 14th: prepare your passage

Week Eight: pages 953-1061 Monday December 5th

Week Nine: pages 1076- 1201 (skip 1061-1076) December 12th

For Period 1

November 7th Week Six: pages 739-844

November 14th Week Seven: pages 844-953

14th Reading Resources: Support materials for Les Miserables

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