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Horror Festival 2017!

And Rio Americano’s Third Annual Scariest Horror Movie Award Goes to…


and his movie EIGHTEEN!

Congratulations to Roman and all of the contestants!









Roman Perez wins the Horror Festival: Fright Factor 9 (Virus)

Amelia York Comes in Second: Fright Factor 8 (Stalker)

Matt Grossman, Steward Omstead and Brian Davis come in Third: Fright Factor 7 (Psycho)

Liam Harris: Fright Factor 6 (Spoof: Deleted Scene explains everything)

Kanai Kalama: Fright Factor 6 (Spoof)

Scott Fado-Bristow: Fright Factor 6 (Demon)

Joel Spaid and Connor Ebersberger: Fright Factor 6 (Psyche!)

Adelyn Fowler: Fright Factor 5 (Poltergeist)

Henry Sue: Fright Factor 4 (Psycho)

Zainab  Abbas and Mahlet Ababa: Fright Factor 4 (Monster)

Macoline Irvine: Fright Factor 4 (Mask)

Hayden DeBencik and Jospeh Billeci: Fear Factor 4 (Killer Doll)

Jake Harouni: Fright Factor 2 (Aliens)










25 Short Digital Stories Produced on Smartphones For Your Viewing Pleasure 9.21.17

Annalee Gorman shows us daily life at the Mirada:

Hannah Thompson shows us around shop class:

Making us aware of Attendance Awareness Month by Amelia York:

Breck Paschal promote Attendance Awareness Month with Miranda’s Day Off:

In this video editing how-to tutorial, Liam Harris shows us how to use a green screen in Premiere to create a spinning banana:

(Audio)Mr. White’s tells the story of his Best Day Teaching on his hike at Mount Lassen by Zainab Abbas:

(Audio) Katina Chapralis’s tells the story of her Worst (and Best) Day teaching school to Mahlet Ababa:

(Audio) Mr. Spencer’s Worst Day Teaching as told to Macolin Irvine:

(Audio) Mr. Freund’s Worst Day Teaching by Amelia York:

Amelia York satirizes students too cool for Homecoming:

Mahlet Ababa and Zainab Abbas show us how to prepare a French Braid for Homecoming:

Connor Kinder-Ebersberger and Joel Spaid show us how to ask someone to Homecoming:

Connor Kinder-Ebersberger and Joel Spaid show us how to dance appropriately:

Hannah Thompson offers a tongue and cheek alternative to Homecoming.

Will and Jacob Engleburt show how to slow dance at Homecoming.

Roman Perez teaches us how to ask a beautiful girl to Homecoming:

Liam Harris is clearly frustrated with the wifi at Rio:

Photography Passion by Bailey Munion:

Amelia York gives us Rio Americano’s MTV Cribs Edition:

Vincent Stirling’s short crime comedy: The Appearing Chair:

Connor Jang is  interviewed by Josh Zezzo:

Interview with Chloe by Josh:



















Introduction Survey for Mr. B

I love to hike and mountain bike in the Sierra Nevadas. In 2014, my son and I walked 220 miles from Yosemite Valley to the top of Mount Whitney in 25 days. We plowed with our heads bent through  17 days of storms. When it was sunny, we jumped in lakes.  We made lots of friends, including animal friends. Here’s a pic of my son Nate as we climbed toward Forester Pass (13200′):

2014-08-05 19.17.10 (1)

In 2016 I did it again going the other direction. It was harder because I was alone for most of the hike. I much prefer hiking with friends and family. My family met me at Devil’s Postpile and together we walked the rest of the way back to Yosemite (60 miles or so).

I’m also a fanatical mountain biker. I have a dual suspension GT Sensor and Trek Stache hardtail that I take up to Tahoe every weekend when weather permits. I’m not that good or fast, and I don’t do crazy stunts, but do absolutely love the way mountain biking keeps me focused in the moment.  Also, it helps keep me fit. These are pictures of my mountain bike buddies Roy and Al. We are all old goofballs.

2016-07-08 15.27.51


The other thing I love to do is make stuff with kids. I like telling digital stories with my students, and have a side gig as a producer. I’m good at the writing part and can edit well enough, but I’m no tech wizard. My students teach me a lot about the tech. I teach the Video Production class here at school where we focus on how to tell good stories with little equipment and no money. Here’s a movie I made a few years back at Bella Vista when we had some good cameras. The kids were great actors!

Of course I also love reading books and teaching kids, but that’s kind of obvious since I’m an English teacher (and have been for 20 years).  Before I was a teacher I did a lot of crazy stuff. I worked in radio, did a stint as a private investigator in San Francisco, and even owned and aircraft parts business for 7 years. People like to ask me “What is your favorite book?” and I often have no good response. I tend to love the book that I am reading at the moment because if I’m not loving it then I put it away forever. I mean, there are too many great books in this world to waste time reading mediocre ones! My daughter Lily thinks this cat looks like me.

2016-07-15 06.23.58

I do have a special talent. If you play baseball I can look at you and guess what position you play with 90% accuracy! I don’t know why I can do that, but it seems to work. I guess it’s not really a talent. In fact, it may very well be a delusion I have. Still, try me. I bet I can guess your position.

My life is pretty good. I love my family and my job, but I would be lying if I didn’t cop to a few unfulfilled dreams. I want to mountain bike across Africa, complete the Iditarod with a bunch of friends (not win it, just do it), and spend the rest of my life (after I retire)  traveling with my wife, and writing about it. Wouldn’t that be nice?


Sacramento’s Meet of Champions

Sophia Taylor Karperos

Mr. Bearson

Honors English 9/Period 2

3 May 2017


Sacramento’s Meet of Champions

          Sacramento’s annual Meet of Champions took place last Saturday, April 29.  Hundreds of fans gathered to watch some of the best athletes in Northern California, even the nation, in some cases, compete in running, jumping, and throwing events.  Entries are based on time (for running events), height (for high jump and pole vault), or distance (for discus, shot put, long jump, and triple jump).  The race has two parts: the day meet and the night meet.  They feature the same events but, while both are considered very prestigious, the night meet generally has faster races.  Five athletes from Rio Americano competed on Saturday: Megan Auernig, Noah Wallace, Lauren Calcagno, Jordan Baker, and myself, Sophia Taylor Karperos.

          The first Rio Americano athlete of the day, senior Jordan Baker, threw discus at the day meet.  His farthest discus throw was 125 feet and eleven inches, putting him in sixteenth place overall.  He went on to throw shot put later in the day meet, finishing in fourth with a 49 foot and 3.75 inch throw, behind Grant, Reed High School, and Jesuit shot putters.  

          After Baker, Lauren Calcagno competed in the 800 meter race of the day meet.  With a 2:23.77, Calcagno finished seventh in her section (or heat, as we call it in track) and nineteenth overall as only a sophomore, an incredible accomplishment.  

          I ran the 1600 meters at the night meet, the second race after the 4 x 100 meter relays, racing a 5:09.60 as the only freshman in the race.  This put me in thirteenth place, right behind Kiera Marshall of St. Josephs-ND.  

          Megan Auernig also ran in the night meet, finishing her 800 meter race with a 2:18.01, slightly slower than her all time best, but still a strong time.  She placed fifth, coming in behind runners from Woodcreek, Oak Ridge, Acalanes, and Gregori.  The winner of the race, Anitha Gravez, ran a 2:15.75.  

          Rio’s final athlete at the meet was Noah Wallace, who ran in the mile race, finishing with a 4:26.65 in twentieth place.  

          The highlight of the meet was Cooper Teare’s mile race.  At the Mt. Sac Relays track meet, he ran a 4:00.16 mile and was attempting to break the four minute mile mark, something almost unheard of for a high school runner.  While the women’s day and night meet events, as well as the men’s day meet events, featured a 1600 meter race, Cooper Teare’s race was extended to 1609 meters to get an accurate mile time.  Currently ranked number one in the country, Cooper Teare crushed his competition, dominating the field with an eight second lead.  Excitement rose in the crowd as he geared up for his last lap, the clock timing him at 3:01.113.  Unfortunately, his last lap was slightly too slow, and he came in at 4:01.29, barely missing the four minute mark.  

Sacramento’s Meet of Champions did not disappoint; with the newly resurfaced track, incredible athletes, and intense crowd, the event truly lived up to its name.



Jose Cruz, winner of the 800 meter race at the night meet


Cooper Teare after his mile race


In the stands at Sacramento’s Meet of Champions


Me after the 1600 meter race

Getting ready to start the women’s 1600 meter race at the night meet


Junior Research Project Outline

The involvement and effectiveness of the United States Paratrooper Divisions during World War 1 were paramount to the Alllies’s victory.

Slug 1: Situation of war when paratroopers were first deployed

Slug 2: Battlefield tactics of the paratroopers during World War 1

Slug 3: Major Operations of the US Paratroopers

Slug 4: Effectiveness of use of paratroopers

Agenda Feb 28, 2017

First Hour: Script, rehearse four-minute version of the entire play. Everyone who participates is eligible for a participation score. The BEST performance from a single period will get to drop their lowest Performance-Related Score. Tip: Choose one director and let him or delegate pieces to small groups. Then come together and create transitions.


Rubric for Thursday March 2nd Performance:

  • Most clear and compelling performance
  • Tells the most story (Includes EVERY character in EVERY scene)
  • Expresses the MOST character
  • Uses ONLY lines from the story (No Notes)
  • Use the space in a way that clarifies the action
  • Uses the highest percentage of students in the classroom with active rolls.
  • 4 minutes or less

Second Hour: Improve our Opinions





Video Production:

  1. Feedback on all items in Schoology. I gave EVERYONE who turned something in feedback.
  2. Re-Edits receive a separate grade.
  3. All items for Non-fiction/Fiction pieces due this coming  Sunday.
  4. I-6 Podcast DEADLINE: Friday March 10th.
  5. Watch Videos:
  6. Evaluate