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We Made 20 Movies Worth Watching in March 2017

R2017 Gala Fight at Ashton Park by Garrett Lintz

5 Ways to Walk Past a Hallway by Liam Harris and Blake Bepler:

Rio’s First La Crosse Team by Melina Davis:

McKayla Vasquez: Robotics Team Captain Interviewed by Ryan Tasakos

The Best Western Duel by Liam Harris

5 Steps to Preparing Your Horse for a Show by Adelyn Fowler and Edward Verdugo Hernandez:

10 things to do in Sacramento by Melina Davis:

Adelyn Fowler and Lastiann Grissom Make a Web Series:

Serena Owens explains Continuity Errors:

How to Make a Lemon Pie by Megan Farris:

5 Ways to Make Abstract Art by Ryan Maves and Nicholas Osbahr:

How to Get Better Pictures by Gabi Noack

Paper Airplane by Liam Harris and Blake Bepler

Grace Bell documents Mr. Mason’s Psychology Experiment Testing the Need of Freshmen to Fit In:

Thrift Shopping with Gabi Noack:

A Short Horror by Edward Verdugo Hernandez:

5 Ways to Suck at video Games by Harrison Bernales:

Swim Team Interview by Alex Nash:

A Short Horror by Madisen Petree:

Colin Murphy Describes the Night He Was Woken from His Bed and Taken to “prison school” (Warning: this description includes some graphic language).








I6 Productions: January Highlights

Kaitlyn Ketsdever went door to door in her neighborhood to find kids who wanted to put on a performance of Peter Pan. Here is a short doc about her first rehearsal:

Parker Bosley’s New Vlog

Alexa Stone Marches on MLK day:

Storytime with Matthew Sutherland:

Tyler Burnham makes a Prison Burrito

Emily Hegland’s ode to her sister and Santa Barbara

Liam Harris and Blake Bepler’s new sow about insane internet stunts:

Adelyn  Fowler is Detective Chlorophyl

Emily Hegland’s Makeup Vlog (With Katie Mckechnie):

Victoria Salazar’s last two weeks in one second moments:

Charles Hansen teaches us how to make a pen in woodshop:

Amy Deshong teaches us how to make pumpkin cookies

Ryan and Nick Save the Bees:

Liam and Blake give us the most amazing chase scene ever recorded:

A Day in the Life of Serena Boyd

Cross Country State Championships by Sophia Taylor Karperos

Sophia Taylor Karperos

Mr. Bearson

Honors English 9/Period 2

28 November 2016

Cross Country State Championships

Extra Credit Article

Over the weekend, high school teams travelled from all over the state to compete at the five kilometer (three point one mile) cross country course in Fresno, California.  Divisions I-V varsity runners trained hard all season, building towards this event.  The highlights of the championship were the Division I boys and girls races.

The Division I cross country runners ran in a race that would end the season for most of the participants but give the best teams the opportunity to compete at Nike Cross Nationals next weekend.

The boys’ race featured a close finish, with Luis Grijalva of Armijo High School finishing merely six point three seconds before his rival, Michael Vernau of Davis High School.  The two had been rivaling all season, each trying to prove that he was the better runner.  Both runners came from the San Joaquin Section.  The strong race advanced Vernau and Grijalva to the Nike Cross Nationals in Portland, Oregon next weekend.  

The Division I girls race had a big surprise.  Sofia Castiglioni, normally Davis High’s top runner, placed fifth.  Instead, her teammate, Olivia O’Keeffe, pulled through, finishing in first individually.  Lauren Peurifoy swept in less than a second behind O’Keeffe to claim second place and her spot at the Nike Cross Nationals.  

The Rio Americano boys and girls varsity teams also qualified for the state championship through their performance at sections, with the boys placing third and the girls winning for the first time since 1978.  At states, both teams placed twelfth for Division III.



Rio Americano Facebook

A Few Pics from Rio’s First Annual Pie Baking Contest

And our Champion Baker… Madeline Bosley and her Mixed Berry Pie

The Winning Pie:

The Spreadphoto-nov-18-10-48-07-am

Claire Wunschel (and Mom) with her Pumpkin and Apple Pies

Ezra Silverburg and his Coconut Cream


Ashley Schelske and her Apple Pie

Ed Malloy and his Pumpkin Pie

Sydney Kringle and her Apple Pie


Kamille Walker and her Apple Pie


Julia Clausen (Apple)  and Kirsten Raichart (Chocolate Latte Cream)

Emi Anzai and her Cheese Pie


Yennifer Henry and her Coconut Pie

Rosey Finnecy and her Apple Pie

Julian Cornet and his Pumpkin Pie


Naomi Green and her Pumpkin Piephoto-nov-18-7-43-58-am

Charles Hansen and his Shoo Fly and Pecan Pie


Chase Gordon and his Berry Pie


Joshua Chess and his Oreo Creamphoto-nov-18-7-25-13-am

Sophia Kaperos and her Pecan Piephoto-nov-18-7-47-59-am

Nazieya Renteria and her Sweet Potato PIephoto-nov-18-7-47-26-am

Emily Augusta and her Chocolate Piephoto-nov-18-7-46-12-am

Ari Bornino and her Whipped Cream Pie


Ashley Knepshield and her Chocolate Cream Pie

Flora Stewart and her Apple Crumblephoto-nov-18-7-42-14-am

Leah Winter and her Pecan Pie

Natalie Duke and her Pumpkin Pie

Lucas Kaiser and his Berry Pie

Project Soapbox Winners

What is Project Soapbox?

Project Soapbox is a public speaking competition facilitated by Mikva Challenge that calls young people to speak out on issues that affect them and their communities. These powerful speeches have lasting, transformative impacts on classrooms, schools, and communities.

What comprises a Project Soapbox speech? 

  • A soapbox speech is about an issue that the student identifies, not an assigned topic.
  • It includes relevant research and evidence on the issue.
  • It addresses a specific audience.
  • It includes a call to action.

The Action Civics grant and the Action Civics team brought the Soapbox curriculum to their classrooms. Students competed in their English and Civitas classrooms for a chance  to represent Northern California in the Mikva Speech competition . Here are our winners.

Ben Davis talks about repealing the Dickey Amendment:

Johnathan Rodriguez talks about our views of illegal immigrant


Edward Malloy talks about the Death Penalty


Halladay Kinsey talks about how society treats fatherless daughters

Sophia Karperos talks about the  impact of cyberbullying

Olivia Patitucci talks about what we can do about the inhumane conditions in the sweatshops that make our clothes


How To Do A Few Things Worth Doing (and a few not)

Amy DeShong teaches us how to bake chocolate chip pumpkin cookies

Victoria Salazar teaches us how to make a clay rose:

Vlad Statnyk teaches us how to fix a flat tire:

Lucas Wilson teaches us some Skate Math:

Amber Stone (aka Serena) teaches us Nail Art:

Madisen teaches us how to braid hair:

Parker Bosley teaches us how to safely fall out of chair:

Tyler Burnham teaches us how to do a front flip

Adelyn Fowler teaches us how to set up a one stride jump grid:

Garrett Lintz teaches us to face our fears:

Matthew Sutherland teaches Sean how to walk:

Melina Davis teaches us how to drive:

Blake teaches us How To Be a Superhero: