split movie review extra credit by Sophie Eiserman period 2

One thing that I’ve been wanting to do for a while is watch the movie split. I’m a huge fan of horror movies but I hadn’t had time to go to the theatre and watch this one. So last night I redboxed it and was able to watch it. My initial thought was that since it was a M. Night Shyamalan movie that it would have a crazy twist at the end. I was very relieved that it didn’t. Anyway the movie is about a man with 24 different personalities who kidnaps 3 girls. He says that he kidnapped them to feed them to his 24 personality, the beast. at the end of the movie the beast comes out and eats two of the girls but the main girl, Casey, lives. The movie was overall pretty good however there were some parts that were confusing. One thing that was confusing was that the beast could only eat the un pure and it was never explained what made them pure or un pure. There was one hint at the very end about what that meant. When the beast is chasing Casey and trying to kill her he sees that she has scars all over her (from her uncle who we know abuses and rapes her) so the beast just stops. The beast says how she is pure so he can’t hurt her and it just walks away. This leaves us with a lot of questions, why was being abused and hurt considered pure? Why couldn’t he hurt the pure people?Lastly, how did he know the other two girls were pure? There is another instance where something like this happens, in the end of the movie when she’s rescued the cops ask her if she’s ok to go home with her uncle. Casey hates her uncle for obvious reasons so she gives the police officer a very long and worried look, and then the movie ends. I personally hate when movies do that, when they don’t finish telling the whole sorry. So I guess we will never know if she found the courage or if she didn’t. Overall this movie was ok it definitely wasn’t the best and i won’t watch it again but I’m glad I got to see it once.

Extra Credit

It is known in today’s generation that START, an after school program that was created by Mr. Mayor Darrell, has been launched over 20 years ago. Start stands for “Students Today Achieving Results for Tomorrow”. This program is considered to be replaced as two different school districts think about looking towards different providers. Some of these districts, including Sac City Unified will begin to turn towards organizations that will provide a no cost after school service, as this will greatly benefit all of the low-income families. Although some districts are known to continue the START program, the city requires some of these districts to pay a higher rate for the program that would eventually account for the real costs of the program. START launched its program in 1995, and aimed to bolster literacy, provide enrichment activities, and homework help to all students. A man by the name of Steinberg, has created this program, and claims that its a shame to see some of its factors disappear. Mr. Steinburg claims that it’s upsetting because of the fact that he launched this program in the year of 1995, and that it was his first initiative, therefore making it very valuable to him.


Mr. Derrell Steinburg

extra credit: review of mexico trip by sophie eiserman period 2

For spring break my friend brought me on a trip to a resort in Mexico. We left on friday the 17 and got back saturday the 15. The resort was the villa del palmar is the islands of loretto. The resort was right next to the ocean so we could see it from the balcony in our room.  the resort was truly amazing, the food they had there was always really good and it was made really quickly. every night at dinner there was a show and each night had a theme. some of the themes were memories, latin night, aztec night and disco night. The shows were always very fun to watch, they had dancing and costumes and music. the staff there were amazing they were all so friendly and nice and ready to get you whatever you wanted. the other activities they offered there were so much fun. some of the ones we did was snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and the sunrise hike. the tour guides that went with us on those activities were so nice and instructive and very helpful. overall this trip was probably one of the best experiences of my life. the resort was so pretty and the ocean was so clear it was amazing. this was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and i will never forget it.

extra credit: reveiw of 12 reasons why by sophie eiserman period 2

13 Reasons Why is said to be “Netflix’s most popular show” and “the most tweeted show of 2017,” everybody loves it. In this review I will go over the huge flaws in this show and how it glamorizes suicide. The show 13 Reasons Why is about a girl, Hannah Baker, who leaves behind 13 tapes that are each a different reason why she ended her life. Each tape is about a certain person and how it’s their fault that she killed herself. Some of the reasons were complete nonsense. For example when the main character, Clay who we see listening to all the tapes, was about to kiss Hannah see freaked out and started yelling at him to “get the hell out!!” over and over. Now the reason that she did this was because in the past year she had a lot of problems with being sexually harassed, Clay was not aware of this. However, what Clay did wrong that contributed to her wanting to kill herself is that on that night as she was screaming at him to leave, he left. Hannah was mad at him for leaving as she was screaming at him to get out. Clay even tried to stay and comfort her but she continued to scream at him even louder. This is one of the major issues in this show, on multiple occasions Hannah blames other people for not being able to read her mind and chase after her even when she walks out on them or is telling them to leave her alone. Another problem with this show is that in a way it glamorizes suicide. It glamorizes it in the way that after she’s dead she’s becoming this legacy, everyone’s talking about her and everyone who’s listened to the tapes are freaking out. It glamorizes it by having her leave behind these 13 tapes for each person who “made” her kill herself to listen to. It’s showing how even after she’s died she’s causing these people so much pain and fright, who more than half don’t deserve it. Its teaching us that to kill yourself is the only way to get revenge on the people who hurt you, which isn’t at all true. The last issue that I’m going to discuss is that it never shows how she could have gotten help. Some of the issues Hannah had to face and some of the reasons she killed herself were understandable, like rape, bullying and sexual harassment. The show did a very good job of spreading awareness about those issues. However one thing it didn’t really touch on is actual suicide. Throughout the show it never shows her trying to talk to anyone about her depression, seeking help or trying any option besides killing herself. In the show it’s portrayed that killing herself was the only way to stop the pain. This is the main reason that I personally didn’t like the show is that it never showed how she could’ve gotten through it. It instead should of showed her at least attempting to talk to anyone about it or her trying to switch schools or get help form anyone. For a show based on suicide, it hardly touches on the subject. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I believe people like the show because they aren’t analyzing it or actually thinking about it at all.  People like it because it has drama and romance and everybody else loves it, however if you actually truly watch it you will notice all of its major flaws and issues.


Extra Credit

In the May 2017 Sacramento Bee, self-driving cars are coming into rise and are also having many malfunction issues that are known to be of great concern. Thousands of these types of cars were test-driven on California highways over the past years. Tweaks are needed to be made, if these vehicles can be publically available by the end of the year 2017. It’s not just crashing of the cars. Other problems include disengagement, shift gear issues, and a loss of control. But according to DMV records and reports, accidents that can occur here represent a small fraction of vehicles’ time on the roads. Although these reports give insight on what we can do to improve our technology and studies, there will be a delay to release these intelligent vehicles.



Extra Credit

In the May 2017 Sacramento Bee Newspaper, South Korea’s new president,Moon, revealed his plans to send a group of representatives to Beijing, in order to resolve the dispute over the U.S. missle-defense system. It’s known that China goes against this idea and views this as a threat to their own security. Moon criticized the system, known as the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). Moon’s predecessor agreed, saying it was both necessary and important to protect South Korea against a missle threat that might occur from the North. There are many opinions toward the THADD, including China’s fear of the deployment. Moon therefore claims and hopes that both countries can relate to each other much better, and to also open up to any kind of communication towards one another easily.  This is very important when it comes to preventing any type of negative consequences that might occur, including any type of war or violence.



Extra Credit

In the May 12, 2017 Sacramento Bee, it is mentioned that California Governor Jerry Brown has created a proposal involving the budget that strongly resembles his previous plan, dealing with the approach of the economy in a different point of view. He discusses the plummeting actions that can occur if nothing is done with this situation. Brown claims that Washington is changing continuously and that it’s difficult to figure out what they will plan to take action on. He also states to societies that cuts are no doubt going to be approaching as soon as possible. Many assembly speakers claim that Brown’s recent revision is a “better budget”, and that it is worth while to bring about. By creating this revision, many benefits will come into place. These include targeted investments, money for schools and childcare, as well as various businesses. It is claimed by Brown that his latest budget plan will improve and affect schools, colleges and health care.



Sacramento’s Meet of Champions

Sophia Taylor Karperos

Mr. Bearson

Honors English 9/Period 2

3 May 2017


Sacramento’s Meet of Champions

          Sacramento’s annual Meet of Champions took place last Saturday, April 29.  Hundreds of fans gathered to watch some of the best athletes in Northern California, even the nation, in some cases, compete in running, jumping, and throwing events.  Entries are based on time (for running events), height (for high jump and pole vault), or distance (for discus, shot put, long jump, and triple jump).  The race has two parts: the day meet and the night meet.  They feature the same events but, while both are considered very prestigious, the night meet generally has faster races.  Five athletes from Rio Americano competed on Saturday: Megan Auernig, Noah Wallace, Lauren Calcagno, Jordan Baker, and myself, Sophia Taylor Karperos.

          The first Rio Americano athlete of the day, senior Jordan Baker, threw discus at the day meet.  His farthest discus throw was 125 feet and eleven inches, putting him in sixteenth place overall.  He went on to throw shot put later in the day meet, finishing in fourth with a 49 foot and 3.75 inch throw, behind Grant, Reed High School, and Jesuit shot putters.  

          After Baker, Lauren Calcagno competed in the 800 meter race of the day meet.  With a 2:23.77, Calcagno finished seventh in her section (or heat, as we call it in track) and nineteenth overall as only a sophomore, an incredible accomplishment.  

          I ran the 1600 meters at the night meet, the second race after the 4 x 100 meter relays, racing a 5:09.60 as the only freshman in the race.  This put me in thirteenth place, right behind Kiera Marshall of St. Josephs-ND.  

          Megan Auernig also ran in the night meet, finishing her 800 meter race with a 2:18.01, slightly slower than her all time best, but still a strong time.  She placed fifth, coming in behind runners from Woodcreek, Oak Ridge, Acalanes, and Gregori.  The winner of the race, Anitha Gravez, ran a 2:15.75.  

          Rio’s final athlete at the meet was Noah Wallace, who ran in the mile race, finishing with a 4:26.65 in twentieth place.  

          The highlight of the meet was Cooper Teare’s mile race.  At the Mt. Sac Relays track meet, he ran a 4:00.16 mile and was attempting to break the four minute mile mark, something almost unheard of for a high school runner.  While the women’s day and night meet events, as well as the men’s day meet events, featured a 1600 meter race, Cooper Teare’s race was extended to 1609 meters to get an accurate mile time.  Currently ranked number one in the country, Cooper Teare crushed his competition, dominating the field with an eight second lead.  Excitement rose in the crowd as he geared up for his last lap, the clock timing him at 3:01.113.  Unfortunately, his last lap was slightly too slow, and he came in at 4:01.29, barely missing the four minute mark.  

Sacramento’s Meet of Champions did not disappoint; with the newly resurfaced track, incredible athletes, and intense crowd, the event truly lived up to its name.



Jose Cruz, winner of the 800 meter race at the night meet


Cooper Teare after his mile race


In the stands at Sacramento’s Meet of Champions


Me after the 1600 meter race

Getting ready to start the women’s 1600 meter race at the night meet


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Sacramento’s Meet of Champions


Video Production Final Instructions

Translations Video Remix: Video Production Final

All work due May 19th. Presentation begin May 22nd.

This year each student from Video Production will complete an advanced edit of the Rio Americano Translations Event that took place April 4th 2017. This piece represents 30% of your final grade.

Your mission: to TRANSLATE the original music, original poetry, original photography and original painting into an original video. This means you will take one or more of the pieces assigned to you and create your own translation of the ideas, feelings, themes presented by other students. This will NOT be a piece of journalism documenting the event. This will be the final translation of the series.

Here are a bunch of translations by professional video artists. Use them for inspiration or ideas.

Here are some examples of poetry translations.

Here are some more.

This person creates translates original music into video art

This person translated music into a video about eternity and astronomy

Here is a fun animated exploration of the relationship between sound, visuals, text. We don’t have animation tools, but it provides many interesting ideas…

.Please feature the poetry, music, photos or paintings from your assigned pieces. You may use one or more or all of them, but your piece must feature their work in some way.

I have uploaded all the audio, photos, videos that you and others have taken from the event to this Dropbox folder. The footage is NOT organized, so you will have to spend some time going through it and finding what you want. You may also download any of the footage (even if it is not yours) found on our YouTube page here. You may also download and use any media (video, photo, audio or other) labeled with a Creative commons license. Or, of course, you may shoot your own footage. The goal is to translate the poem, music, painting or photo into a video that explores your own response or translation to their work, their presentation, their process.

Here are the pieces:

  • Balancing Fears
  • Foggy Pier
  • The False Prophet
  • Old Tree
  • Untitled
  • Everyone Sees a Different Sunset
  • Inviting Pier
  • Reflections on the River
  • Untitled

Rubric: An A video will:

1: Be completed by the deadline–no excuses.

  1. Be a three-minute powerful, clear, compelling translation of a featured piece by another student.
  2. Include a three-to five minute live introduction that discusses your process in detail, how you approached the project, your goals for the project and how you feel about your own work.

Student Experiments in Multimedia Storytelling CONTACT: abearson@sanjuan.edu