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Featuring work from our Radio/TV program as well as media experiments in English

Dia de los Muertos Art Show, Playathon, Cookie Contest and More

Playathon Wrap-up by Liam Harris

Justine Intemann-Milligan with her piece Tide Pool by Stewart Olmstead and Annalee Gorman

Marwa Mayor and her Dia De Los Muertos Piece by Zainab Abbas and Mahlet Ababa

The Artwork of Olivia Patitucci by Amelia York

Charlene Delucy’s Project by Bailey and Chloe

Interview with Christopher Galinato about his Playathon Experience

Hannah Nauretz Sea Turtle

Olivia’s Playathon Experience

Hayden and Joseph interview Gabby Klemer DeLasse

Enter the Cookie Contest!

Josh Zezzo and James Montecillo intrview Nicole Dominguez-Lopez









Horror Festival 2017!

And Rio Americano’s Third Annual Scariest Horror Movie Award Goes to…


and his movie EIGHTEEN!

Congratulations to Roman and all of the contestants!









Roman Perez wins the Horror Festival: Fright Factor 9 (Virus)

Amelia York Comes in Second: Fright Factor 8 (Stalker)

Matt Grossman, Steward Omstead and Brian Davis come in Third: Fright Factor 7 (Psycho)

Liam Harris: Fright Factor 6 (Spoof: Deleted Scene explains everything)

Kanai Kalama: Fright Factor 6 (Spoof)

Scott Fado-Bristow: Fright Factor 6 (Demon)

Joel Spaid and Connor Ebersberger: Fright Factor 6 (Psyche!)

Adelyn Fowler: Fright Factor 5 (Poltergeist)

Henry Sue: Fright Factor 4 (Psycho)

Zainab  Abbas and Mahlet Ababa: Fright Factor 4 (Monster)

Macoline Irvine: Fright Factor 4 (Mask)

Hayden DeBencik and Jospeh Billeci: Fear Factor 4 (Killer Doll)

Jake Harouni: Fright Factor 2 (Aliens)










Horror Festival Trailers 2017

Get Ready! Here Comes Rio Americano’s Third Annual Horror Festival!

Form a team of any size. Rio Students, Staff,  Alumni and Parents are all welcome to participate.

Come to Room I-6 Friday October 20th After School to Choose a Genre, a Line of Dialogue and a Prop. These are required elements that must appear in your movie.

Upload your completed film by Sunday 11:59pm October 29th. Send a link to

Scariest Movie wins a $50.00 Gift Certificate!

Here are a few trailers to get you in the mood.



















25 Short Digital Stories Produced on Smartphones For Your Viewing Pleasure 9.21.17

Annalee Gorman shows us daily life at the Mirada:

Hannah Thompson shows us around shop class:

Making us aware of Attendance Awareness Month by Amelia York:

Breck Paschal promote Attendance Awareness Month with Miranda’s Day Off:

In this video editing how-to tutorial, Liam Harris shows us how to use a green screen in Premiere to create a spinning banana:

(Audio)Mr. White’s tells the story of his Best Day Teaching on his hike at Mount Lassen by Zainab Abbas:

(Audio) Katina Chapralis’s tells the story of her Worst (and Best) Day teaching school to Mahlet Ababa:

(Audio) Mr. Spencer’s Worst Day Teaching as told to Macolin Irvine:

(Audio) Mr. Freund’s Worst Day Teaching by Amelia York:

Amelia York satirizes students too cool for Homecoming:

Mahlet Ababa and Zainab Abbas show us how to prepare a French Braid for Homecoming:

Connor Kinder-Ebersberger and Joel Spaid show us how to ask someone to Homecoming:

Connor Kinder-Ebersberger and Joel Spaid show us how to dance appropriately:

Hannah Thompson offers a tongue and cheek alternative to Homecoming.

Will and Jacob Engleburt show how to slow dance at Homecoming.

Roman Perez teaches us how to ask a beautiful girl to Homecoming:

Liam Harris is clearly frustrated with the wifi at Rio:

Photography Passion by Bailey Munion:

Amelia York gives us Rio Americano’s MTV Cribs Edition:

Vincent Stirling’s short crime comedy: The Appearing Chair:

Connor Jang is  interviewed by Josh Zezzo:

Interview with Chloe by Josh:



















Translations 2017

This year Video Production produced original video translations of Rio artists, poets, composers and photographers. All work shot, edited and rendered on their personal smartphones. The process was:

  1. Choose a composition, poem or piece of art from the Translations event hosted April 4th in the library.
  2. Translate it into a piece of video art. The goal was NOT to illustrate the other work, but to give it a fresh interpretation based on your own reading. Here are some highlights:

Parker Bosley:

Edward Verdugo:

Emily Hegland:

Adelyn Fowler:

Matthew Sutherland:

Megan Ferris:

Liam Harris

Alex Nash:

Amy Deshong:

Gabi Noack:

Blake Bepler:

Victoria Salazar:

Kaitlyn Ketsdever:

Ryan Maves:

Vlad Stanyak:


April Mulitmedia Stories from I-6 Blog

Here is a Rio-centric two-minute activity timer that will set your classes on edge:

Here are some highlights from Hoops for Hope 2017:

Matthew Sutherland’s Ode to His Own Hair:

Cian Hale produces a promo for a new Yoga Center:

Harrison Bernales Gives us the History of The Guitarbell:

Here is a student talking about how her third-grade teacher helped her overcome her dyslexia:

Josie Gover features Dr. Gordon’s 6th Period Weightlifting Class:

Victoria Salazar Discovers the Best Burger in Sacramento:

Grace Bell and Genesee Kearney Test the Mirada’s Restaurant Review:

Garret Lintz Tells Us His Shark Story:

Melina Davis Gives Us Five Ways to Stay Organized:

Josie Gover and Charles Hansen Explain What it Takes to Pick Up Girls at Rio: (HInt: Money, Power, Fame, etc.)

Liam Harris Connects Video Class to the Mirada!

Liam Harris Gives Us Some Profound Words On the Ending of The School Year:

Colin Murphy Gives us His Second Installment of What it was like to be shipped to a “Prison School” in Utah (Warning: Some vulgar language) hint: he didn’t like it.

Utah Story Part 2

Colin Murphy Gives us His Third Installment of What it was like to be shipped off to a “prison school” in Utah (Warning: Some vulgar language):

Sophia Karperos participates in the Sacramento Meet of Champions:

Sacramento’s Meet of Champions


We Made 20 Movies Worth Watching in March 2017

R2017 Gala Fight at Ashton Park by Garrett Lintz

5 Ways to Walk Past a Hallway by Liam Harris and Blake Bepler:

Rio’s First La Crosse Team by Melina Davis:

McKayla Vasquez: Robotics Team Captain Interviewed by Ryan Tasakos

The Best Western Duel by Liam Harris

5 Steps to Preparing Your Horse for a Show by Adelyn Fowler and Edward Verdugo Hernandez:

10 things to do in Sacramento by Melina Davis:

Adelyn Fowler and Lastiann Grissom Make a Web Series:

Serena Owens explains Continuity Errors:

How to Make a Lemon Pie by Megan Farris:

5 Ways to Make Abstract Art by Ryan Maves and Nicholas Osbahr:

How to Get Better Pictures by Gabi Noack

Paper Airplane by Liam Harris and Blake Bepler

Grace Bell documents Mr. Mason’s Psychology Experiment Testing the Need of Freshmen to Fit In:

Thrift Shopping with Gabi Noack:

A Short Horror by Edward Verdugo Hernandez:

5 Ways to Suck at video Games by Harrison Bernales:

Swim Team Interview by Alex Nash:

A Short Horror by Madisen Petree:

Colin Murphy Describes the Night He Was Woken from His Bed and Taken to “prison school” (Warning: this description includes some graphic language).