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Dia de los Muertos Art Show, Playathon, Cookie Contest and More

Playathon Wrap-up by Liam Harris

Justine Intemann-Milligan with her piece Tide Pool by Stewart Olmstead and Annalee Gorman

Marwa Mayor and her Dia De Los Muertos Piece by Zainab Abbas and Mahlet Ababa

The Artwork of Olivia Patitucci by Amelia York

Charlene Delucy’s Project by Bailey and Chloe

Interview with Christopher Galinato about his Playathon Experience

Hannah Nauretz Sea Turtle

Olivia’s Playathon Experience

Hayden and Joseph interview Gabby Klemer DeLasse

Enter the Cookie Contest!

Josh Zezzo and James Montecillo intrview Nicole Dominguez-Lopez









AM Jazz Ensemble Concert 10/15

Rio’s AM Jazz Ensemble had a concert on the fifteenth of October.  We played with a guest trumpeter, Tom Peron, who had been a director at Rio in previous years.

Here are links to the program we played at this concert:

Rio Americano AM Concert October 15, 2015

Happy-Go-Lucky Local –


Backatown –


Blue Cellophane –

Corner Pocket –

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat –

C-Jam Blues (Combo) –

Feet Bone –

All Too Soon –

Rivers –

East of the Sun (Combo) –

St. Louis Blues –

Chucho –

Perdido –