Adventure in Afghanistan by Molly Ford

Molly Ford

Period 3

Adventure in Afghanistan

Emma steps out of the airport and is confronted by the smell of smoke. The atmosphere is hazed by a thick layer of dirt and dust. The city looks torn apart, buildings are half collapsed and people with dirty faces scurry around chaotically. The rest of the bus full of medical undergraduates follows behind her. The leader shouts, “Everybody, follow me to the hospital!” Emma grabs her suitcase and trails behind the large group of adults.

After forty-five minutes of walking through dirt and debris, she ends up at a building with decaying stone and windows cut out of the walls. She steps through the broken door that is half off of its hinges. When she steps in, she sees a room full of broken down hospital beds and skinny, grimey kids. She sits one down on a bed and looks at the nametag, her name was Ara.

As she checks all of Ara’s vitals, she notices that she is malnourished and nearly starving. As she looks at the other patients, she realizes that they are all lacking proper nutrition. Her coworker comes up to her and says, “Emma, I was looking over the results, and this is going to be more difficult than we thought”. But Emma knows that this is what she was here for. She and all of these other students were sent on this medical mission to save these children. No matter how long it takes, she is ready to take the time and help these children get better.

As the days progress, she realizes that the illnesses that the children require much more than vitamins. These children have very serious diseases, many of which have not been able to be treated. Majority of them have been diagnosed with pneumonia and diarrhea. It will take many months to help them, but Emma and her team work very hard to help them.

Suddenly, as she is giving the medication to one of the children, she hears a sharp cry come from outside the building. Emma steps cautiously toward the window and peers out. Through clouds of dust, she sees a large group of of soldiers clothed in all black enter a building. After cries of pain, they leave the building with around ten people with their hands bound and gagged. It did not take long for Emma to realize what is about to happen.

Emma has to think quick about how she is going to help the people in the hospital. This is what she came here to do, to save the children. Emma scans the room, looking for a way to escape. The windows are too small to fit through, and if she walks through the door the soldiers would see her. Come on Emma, Think. She looks around the room once more, this time she notices something, another door. She sees the medical supply closet. “Everybody follow me!” she exclaims. The kids and staff scurry after her. As she gestures toward the cabinet, the staff finally understand. But, Emma feels a tug at her shirt. Ara looks up at her with wide eyes and asks, “But Emma, what about you? What’s going to happen to you?” Emma kneels down and wraps her arms around Ara says, “Don’t worry Ara, I will be okay, just make sure everyone stays in that closet”. Ara nods and tears well up in her eyes. Emma directs Ara toward the cabinet and she jaunts over.

Emma stands up, closes the door, and locks it. After she takes the lock out she slides it under the door. She stands up just as she hears shouting from the doorway. Emma takes a deep breath as she slides her and up and down the door. Emma slowly moves toward the shouting, as a tear rolls down her cheek. As soon as the soldiers see her, that grab her arms and ties them then puts a rag in her mouth. Emma does not resist or make a sound. Although she is sad that her life has come to an end, she gets dragged outside with a smile on her face. She will always be reminded that Ara and all of the other children are safely locked in the closet.


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