Character Sketch of Kayla


By Emi Anzai

Late at night, she works hard to crack the case. Her determination carries her through the night. Slash marks on the body in the photos appeared to be the work of an animal’s teeth and claws, but after the autopsy, it was really a bunch of knife slashes and stabs, no bruising present that would indicate an alligator or a mountain lion attack. Alone she was in the lab, but it didn’t bother her that much. She was used to being alone, having grown up as a middle child, between older half siblings and an adopted younger brother. The case was frustrating, leading to many dead ends, but every time a worm of doubt or discouragement slithered through her head, she remembered the class elections she lost and how she came back again and again like a stubborn warrior. She would solve this case and justice will fall with swift wings onto the murderer.

She remembers how she was inspired to become a forensic scientist, tracking down clues to find the suspect. Unraveling the mystery and bringing justice.

She also remembers her inspiration every time she went to the zoo as a young child, learning without knowing she was learning something, interacting with the environment and the flip boards.

She also remembers her determination, bringing her back to every class election.

She remembers her competitive spirit in cheerleading practice, how she spent hours at the gym building her strength.

She could do this.

She would solve this case.


Erik sparks Character Essay


Erik Sparks


Mr. Bearson

Honors English Period 1

               It is an early morning, bright yellow beams of sunshine glare through the thin cracks of the curtains right into the face of an independent women ready to start her day. She eagerly wakes up because it is an important day. She has a job interview to be an engineer, something she has always wanted to be. She gets dressed in her most professional outfit. She eagerly but nervously gets in her car and drives off to her perfect opportunity, on a seemingly perfect day. As she arrives at the office building where her interview takes place, she is intimidated by the rusted black fence, with serrated edges.

               She thought maybe she was making a mistake and might turn back, but something in her head said that this was her chance do to what she has always wanted. She gets past the gates and an eggshell white office building with shiny, sliding glass doors is waiting for her, almost as if representing a light at the end of a tunnel. Instantaneously she feels more welcomed. As she walks through the glass doors a cool, crisp breeze runs through her aqua blue hair, making her feel as if she is the one in control of where her life will take her next.

               She is greeted by her interviewee and firmly shakes hands with whom she hopes to work for. Question after question is asked and each time she answers with upmost confidence, so much so that her interviewee can’t help but smile a little, because he knows she very well may be the independent person he is looking for to work with him. Suddenly this image of pitch black appears and nothing is visible, there is no light. This strong independent woman who is seen being interviewed for a job to be an engineer is now lying down in her bed, in the middle of the night, staring blankly at the ceiling. Her life as an engineer is only a dream and she can’t help but chase after the life she thought she had just a moment ago. This woman, Ari, knows now exactly what she wants her future to look like.



The Big Bang


The year was……a long time ago. The tree’s were large and the grass was tall and if you were quiet enough you could hear the angels sing from above. But shortly after there was a disturbance. A T-Rex was running through the forest destroying everything in its path. As I looked up at this monster i can see something on its head. I should’ve known, it was Ethan Plant with his tiny whip and saddle riding the T-Rex. It roared a mighty roar. “How is the weather down there” Ethan shouted. “Kinda shitty” I replied. Ethan told me to join him on a journey through the flower fields. How am i gonna say no to an offer like that. Off we go as the T-Rex runs through the flowers, we see a beautiful world with lots of life to explore. But suddenly we stop. “What’s up?” I said. “Look at that girl down there, she is really beautiful” Ethan replied. I’ve never seen Ethan’s eyes look at someone like this before. I can tell he has found the one, “Go talk to her” I said. “Alright!” He replied. As he slid down the tail of the T-Rex I can see the smile enlarging on his face. “Hello…my name is Ethan” He said nervously. She giggles, “Hi my name is Eve”. As I look down from the top of the T-Rex I can tell these two were meant to be together. After a pause of silence they lean in to kiss, inches away from touching lips. An ASTEROID comes down and destroys the whole planet. Nothing was left but lava and the remains of the lonely lovers>


Michiella’s Character Sketch by Lily Folz Period 1


Lily Folz
Period 1
Michiella’s hazel eyes locked down to the blank piece of paper sitting on her vintage vanity. You could see a spark go off in her eyes as she realized what she was going to draw, so she sat down on her splintered wood bench just barely covered with cushion and picked up her sharpened number two pencil and began to draw what looked like an epic party! She paused for a moment and recalled the party from the night before. The party took place in Yuba city, the humid, flat, and dry farm town. When she drove through the town, the sun was just starting to set reflecting off a beautiful orange glow on the miniature river passing through the town. Every direction she turned, there was a tumble weed, or fried grass that looked as if one step and all of the grass would snap in half. She was driving to her Aunts house because most of her family lived around that area. Every weekend on Saturdays her family drove there to her aunts little country home just big enough for a family her size and celebrated each others new accomplishments, and this time they were celebrating Michiella going into high school!

Michiella zoned out for a minute reliving the epic party, then came back to reality when she got an alert on her phone. Not bothering to check the notification, she quickly grabbed her pencil and put the lead to the paper and started to sketch Yuba city. Her drawing was going to have different sections for each event of the night, and the next section would be her arrival. Just thinking about this section, she lost sight in reality and started day dreaming about the party again. Michiella was so thrilled to see her family that she nearly jumped out of the moving car when they pulled up to the slanted driveway. When the car was parked she got out and sprinted to the eggshell colored door, and without bothering to knock she jolted inside. Soon after, her mother and two year old sister came in with their deviled egg appetizers. Michiella sped over to her aunt and gave her a huge bear hug as everyone yelled “Congrats,” and “We are so excited for you!” Her aunt was tall, skinny and gorgeous, she wore no make up because there was none needed. She had bright blue eyes that sparkled in every bit of light in the house. They talked for a minute and then Michiella wandered off to find her uncle. She then found him sitting in there special spot on their beat up old couch. The couch had many holes and stains from spilt ice cream and coffee from past visits. Just walking past the couch, you could see there butt imprints from the last time they sat there. This time they sat and laughed and remembered old stories from when she was little. During this the rest of her family got there, her four baby cousins, her two other aunts and uncles, and her grandmother.

“Ding,” another alert on her phone and she woke up. From that daydream, she thought that drawing her walking through the door of her aunts house would be a great way to show that event of her family arriving to the party. Her drawing didn’t leave out not one detail. She included, the paint chipping on the door, the crack in the wall from the time she kicked the soccer ball and it ricochet off of an old flower vase that used to sit on the mantel over the fire place. Michiella made the drawing look so realistic that it seemed as though you could almost walk into the painting! The third section of her drawing started to show dancing and singing, until her pencil broke. She opened the first drawer of her vanity and it made a horrendous screeching noise almost as bad as nails on a chalk board and grabbed her sharpener. As she twisted the pencil in circles to get the perfect tip of lead, she started thinking about the party again.

After everyone was settled in at the party, that’s when the music got cranked up to its highest level in volume. Drake came on and everyone started jumping to the beat of “One Dance.” She turned and saw the cup of water next to her vibrating from the bass. The water had ripples, and Michiella couldn’t stop shaking. When she wasn’t dancing, she held her hand out in front of her face, she could see her skin still moving to the beat of the song. The lights were still on so you could see everyone build up a sweat. Michiella’s mom was dripping almost as though it was raining where she was standing because her clothes her sagging from being filled with sweat, and you could see it dripping down the side of her face bringing her foundation with it. It was the same for everyone, no one cared to look good at this point, because their heads were lost in the music. People dabbed, whipped, line danced, swing danced, and more and no one not once looked at the clock until a younger sibling complained about being tired. It wasn’t until about midnight when people started to leave.

Michiella came back to her picture when the pencil wouldn’t turn anymore because the sharpener was full. She took out her pencil and half of it was gone, because during that entire daydream she never once stopped twisting her pencil. So she put it aside and grabbed another. This time, she decided her fourth section was going to be people dancing in the background and up close a glass of water with ripples to show how loud the music was and how hard they were partying. She used brighter colors to show how vibrant and pumped everyone was on the dance floor. For her last section, she drew her in her car driving away from the party leaving the moon and the stars behind her for the sun was starting to rise again. The moon hid behind her aunts house almost afraid of the sun because it didn’t want to set, because it new that when it set the party was officially over. But as all parties end, the sun rises bringing a new day. Finalizing her picture, she shaded the moon on half of the car and the sun on the other and ended her picture. Michiella swiped the eraser particles onto her ground and placed her pencil in into her container. When she stood up she saw red marks on her elbows from leaning on them for so long. She hung her picture above her bed to remind her that a picture ended but another one would start soon enough as it was only two days away from Saturday!


Revised Character Sketch by Riley Maher


Riley Maher #5 9/25/16

His white long-sleeved shirt, blue shorts, and black Converse shoes were hardly appropriate for a place like this. He was the only living thing visible for miles. He shivered as an Arctic breeze sent chills down his spine. Trying to stay warm, he rubbed his frozen skin. As he trudged through the snow he remembered how much he hated cold weather, but this place offered an escape from the monotonous routine of school. And almost anything was better than boring schoolwork.

He didn’t notice the penguins until they were only a few feet away. As he saw what laid before him all the stress from school vanished, leaving him feeling happy and free. The strange squawks of hundreds of penguins filled the air. He couldn’t remember the last time he was this intrigued in all his life. “Josh wake up!” The boy’s eyes fly open as he is abruptly woken by his grouchy teacher. He is brought back to reality, into his first period class. His dream over, his freedom gone.


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